Diary! This can change daily depending how good areas are so keep checking.

Today and Tomorrow- Warrington

July 21st and 22nd-Swansea

July 23rd-High Wycombe for 3 days

July 26th till 31st and August 8th till 12th-Enfield

Aug 13-Banbury

Aug 14 and 15-Cheltenham

Aug 16th and 17th-Bristol

Aug 18-Taunton for 3 days.

Aug 21-Swindon for 2 days

Aug 23rd and 24th-Birmingham

Aug 25th and 26th-Shrewsbury

Aug 27th-Chester

Aug 28th and 29th-Brighouse

Aug 31st till September 9th- Glasgow and North Lanarkshire.

Sep 10th till 17th-Off

Remainder of September-To be organised but will include Jersey and Isle of Man.

Sep 29th-Belfast for a week.

Oct 6th-Kilmarnock

Oct 7th-Falkirk for a week.

Oct 14th till 26th off.

Oct 27th till early November. To be arranged.

3rd Nov-Inverness for 5 nights.

8th November-Elgin for one day

9th November-Aberdeen for 4 days.

December 5th-Belfast and Derry and Dublin for a week.

Dec 12th and 13th-Cheshire

Dec 14th-Heathrow

Dec 17th and 18th-Heathrow

Dec 19th till 28th-South East and Enfield

Dec 29th and 30th-to be arranged but will be on route to Scotland.






My hours generally early till late though if you want to see me before 11am it’s recommended you arrange in advance as I do not live in the apartment that I work from. Also if you are likely to want to see me late evening it’s recommended to let me know as soon as possible in the day because when it’s quiet and I am not expecting anybody I will leave early lol.