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Q. Am I independent? Do I work alone?

A. There are two reasons men will ask me if I’m working alone. The main reason is because they don’t like the idea of walking in to a brothel. The other reason is because they wish me harm. I am independent and work alone. The only person I work for is myself and nobody works for me. I work alone and do not work in a brothel. I am trained in self defence should anyone ever try to hurt me. Also, there is never a lot of cash on the premises because it’s so easy to walk to a cash machine and put money away after each booking.

Q. Will I do anal or cim or bareback?

A. Never in a million years. I don’t even offer oral without or sex.

Q. What is the best way of contact and booking?

A. Always try to call first and if I don’t reply you can send a text requesting the day and time and whether you would like half hour or hour. Ideally I would like to hear your voice before the actual booking though. When you call my phone, if I am busy with a client you will get an automatic text telling you when you can call back. When that time comes I will answer texts. Texts like “May I book for 4pm for an hour” will always be answered and we can talk nearer the appointment time. Other texts that ask questions that can be answered on my profile will just receive a text back with a link to this profile as I like the guys to read it. Texts that just say “Hi” or “Hey” or “Hello” or “Where are you based” or “Are you available” will just receive a text back saying “calls only” xx also I prefer to be called Jess than Babes, Baby or BBy. I will not enter in to lots of texting backwards and forwards because often there could be ten of you at once doing that and I just don’t have time lol. I also don’t receive watzapps.

Q. What if you want one of the extra services offered and not the massage?

A. You pay the 40 for half hour or 60 per hour for the massage and hand and the charged services are extra. However if you want more than one of the additional services then I will negotiate a good price. Please do not send texts requesting one of the extra services on their own. If it’s massage and hand relief it’s 40 for half hour or 70 hour. If you want extras then call or text and tell me exactly what you want and I will tell you the exact price and that will either cost an extra 10 or 20 or 30.

Q. What about outfits? What about domination? What about Roleplay?

A. Yes I have uniforms, lingerie, stockings and heels. You tell me what you would like me to wear on arrival. My preference is naked. Do NOT send texts about outfits. You request on arrival. As for Roleplay as long as it doesn’t involve talking about anything illegal then I am fine but I will NOT discuss prior to your visit. Do NOT send texts about it. Most guys who text about Roleplay do not turn up. Tell me after you have arrived. Same goes with domination. I have a cane, paddle and plimsolls to beat you with and you can worship my feet and call me mistress. I just do not want constant backwards and forwards texting about it but it will be very good when you arrive.

Q. Will I do the massage topless or naked?

A. Yes. That is my preference. I do not like wearing outfits but will wear them if a guy asks on arrival because I realise that guys may like that. Again do not send texts about it. I will automatically be naked unless you request naked or outfits AFTER you arrive.

Q. What about outcalls

A. Extra 30 pound charge and that has to be paid by bank transfer before I come to you unless we have met. You pay the fee when I arrive in cash or by bank transfer.

Q. How many times can you come?

A. As many as you want. All texts asking how many times you can come will be ignored.

Q. Is touching and kissing allowed during the massage?

A. I don’t want a lot of groping. My prices reflect that. While you are face down you may stroke the back of my leg. A little more touching is allowed at the very end when you are close to coming. My massage and slow teasing hand relief techniques are so good that you will enjoy it more if you lie back and relax. Please do not go near my nipples thanks. Kissing is possible at the beginning and end if you are a non smoker and no halitosis.

Q. What is the best way to book?

A. A call or sensible text.